December 30, 2019

There are days…and we all have them when we’re out of sorts and not in control When…it’s as if someone snuck in at night and extinguished the pilot light of the soul Some find peace in yoga while others take long walks with a friend In the stillness of contented breathing we trust that this […]


Ms . Nat

December 29, 2019

If I can stop one heart from breaking I shall not live in vain If I can ease one heart the aching or cool one pain or help one fainting robin unto its nest again I shall not live in vain Love seeketh not itself to please nor for itself has any care but for […]



December 28, 2019

The odds are increasing that this fella is going to be questioned again. A grand jury will surely be convened and he’ll be asked again if he believed the information in The Clinton paid for, bogus, Steele dossier was verified when he said so to the FISA court. Since he lied under oath in previous […]



December 28, 2019

When the world’s pressing into you and life is hard, I want to know If friends are few and you ache for more from life I want to know When your favorite music no longer puts a spring in your step I want to know If you ever feel lost, Dear Carly and just need […]


Music heals

December 26, 2019

Martin Agee had a great idea. Why not see if abused dogs would respond to music. Mr. Agee is a renowned violinist who has played all over the world. His hunch about the dog’s reaction to his music was on target. He now makes weekly visits to the dog shelter and it’s clear that the […]


Love that Sally

December 24, 2019

A very young cowboy is very grateful for Sally…and to Sally. How many wives would let a hubby go fly fishing on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Yeppers…I knew she was a keeper when I first laid eyes on her. And to think, she even outfitted me for the best chance to be successful. You […]


Fingers crossed

December 22, 2019

There’s a couple of million Colorado Rockies fans who hope GM Jeff Bridich is not serious about trading future Hall of Famer Nolan Arenado. Why…well, he’s the best third baseman in the game by far and Bridich has not exactly wowed us with his player moves in the past. Desmond, Davis, Murphy, McGee, Shaw…all questionable, […]



December 22, 2019

I don’t know any movie stars but when asked if I know any famous athletes, cowboys says…’Absolutely!’ Dave invented the hula hoop and travels the world teaching this fun hobby to young and old alike. In January, he travels to Thailand to participate in the Senior Games where he’ll compete in…what else…the hula hoop event. […]



December 17, 2019

Ok…we’re sorry. I know it sounds a bit shallow now after the fact. It is safe to say we got carried away. It was the first time we’d ever been asked to look after a poodle and, truth be told, Harriet didn’t seem to mind. We’d seen a show where poodle owners groomed their dogs […]


Oh my!

December 17, 2019

We watched a special program on tv tonight that highlighted memorable short documentaries on sports and other unique activities. Most memorable was an ice fishing contest in Minnesota. The temperature on the ice was -26 degrees. One fifty something angler had been competing for 25 years in a row. There was a significant amount of […]



December 17, 2019

You play tennis 3-4 days a week in the prime league season. Besides that, you drill twice a week in the winter and you expect a lot from yourself. In competition, errors linger in your mind and negatively influence subsequent points and often games. In your time away from the court, you realize that your […]



December 16, 2019

What a story! On the 7th. anniversary of The Sandy Hook school shootings, The Newtown Nighthawks football team brought a bit of cheer to this deserving community. Playing in the State Championship football game, quarterback Jack Street threw a 36 yard Hail Mary pass as time ran out and it was perfection. Riley Ward caught […]



December 16, 2019

“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. “ Ernest Hemingway A very young cowboy was fishing last spring on The Colorado River. In an instant, an ill advised step and I was destined for a dunking. Some guides tell you to put your rod on the surface of the […]


Ron Rossi

December 13, 2019

Randy Kreft invited a very young cowboy to go see last night’s Regis vs. Holy Family girls basketball game. What a treat!  The teams were excellent with both squads ranked in the top five in state for their divisions. I especially was excited to attend to see an old teammate coach the Holy Family team. […]

Pensive teenager looking through a window

The plea

December 10, 2019

It’s different from a knife in some ways but cuts just the same. I’ve tried to wrap my head around the why me and the when will this torture end but am drawing a blank. Middle school, for me, is like a war zone. I’m like a soldier always on the lookout…a state of alarm […]



December 10, 2019

Angels dream bigger than mortals They see with eyes magnified With hearts overflowing their love keeps others going angel dreams are never denied Gabby shared a wish with her mom the dream took on a life of its own With passion unbending and love never ending goodwill to the children was sown There’s smiles and […]


Oral hygiene

December 9, 2019

A story is told of a man who visited the dentist after a long absence from having dental work. At one point, he asked the dentist about the value of flossing. ’How many of my teeth should I be flossing?’ The dentist replied…’only the ones you’d like to keep.’


Bags of Fun

December 8, 2019

Gabby Krause was thrilled when she received a bag of toys while in the hospital battling brain cancer. She had a wish that every child fighting a challenging diagnosis might receive a bag of fun. When Gabby died in 2004, her dream became a reality with The Gabby Krause Foundation/Bags of Fun. The Foundation has […]


Yawn patrol

December 7, 2019

This week, we were urged to view as non biased four college professors as they dismissively voiced their liberal opinions on the justification for the impeachment charade. Thankfully, three of the four when questioned admitted they had donated to the campaigns of Obama, Clinton, and Warren. Do you smell what I smell? So boring was […]



December 7, 2019

There are those delicious moments in time when a batter in baseball times the pitch perfectly, the ball hits the sweet spot, and the player takes off on a home run trot around the bases. The thought made a young cowboy think how far pitchers have come in the last fifty years to make sure […]