By Mike Hall, December 17, 2019

Ok…we’re sorry.

I know it sounds a bit shallow now after the fact.

It is safe to say we got carried away.

It was the first time we’d ever been asked to look after a poodle and, truth be told, Harriet didn’t seem to mind.

We’d seen a show where poodle owners groomed their dogs to look like multi colored roosters and other creative concoctions.

No, we had not been drinking but just thought it would be fun to see what Jim and Katie Broderick would think of a dressed up Harriet.

To say they were mortified would be the ultimate understatement. We choose not to repeat the language they used that evening when they picked up their rainbow poodle.

We were visited by Animal Control the next day and a lawyer the following Monday.

The court date is March 7th. and we’re hoping the judge is lenient…has a sense of humor….or both.




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  1. Tim Engels says:

    Actually, Harriet. Seems very pleased with new look.

  2. Dave Romberg says:

    Somewhere under the Rainbow there’s a gift for you

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