By Mike Hall, December 7, 2019

There are those delicious moments in time when a batter in baseball times the pitch perfectly, the ball hits the sweet spot, and the player takes off on a home run trot around the bases.

The thought made a young cowboy think how far pitchers have come in the last fifty years to make sure that hitters don’t get that opportunity. They’ve refined and improved so many pitches to throw the batters off balance…the slider, the screwball or sinker, the knuckle curve ball, the circle change up, and the split finger.

Why, there used to be hurlers like Hoyt Wilhem and Phil Niekro, who mesmerized opponents with knuckleballs that seemed to move in four haphazard directions while traveling the sixty feet and six inches to the plate. Talk about messing with a hitter’s head.

This whole dynamic is sort of like life. You might be going along like a hitter on a hot streak..finding the sweet spot day after day without a problem on the horizon. And then, life throws you a wicked curve ball or, God forbid, a nasty knuckleball that completely throws you off balance…makes you look silly…messes with your mind, your body, or both. Life has a way of doing that…an emergency surgery, a scary diagnosis, or the loss of a friend or relative.

Ball players can try to prepare for these off balance deliveries they’ll face. They take batting practice and hit against sophisticated pitching machines that throw a multitude of pitches.

What about us? How do we prepare for the inevitable devilish, balance disrupting, curve balls that come our way?

What’s your go to…balance saving, proactive strategy for dealing with the messiness of life?

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  1. Dave Romberg says:

    I have Hoyt Wilhelm”s baseball card.

    • Mike Hall says:

      That knuckler was nasty.

      CB played against a guy named Burt Hooton who threw a devilish knuckle curve that made people look downright silly.

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