June 9, 2021

Sally suggested a book that I subsequently picked up at Koelbel library. Every Man A Hero…A Memoir of D-Day by Ray Lambert and Jim DeFelice. Mr. Lambert is a decorated medic whose courage that day and in the war were extraordinary. Here is an excerpt. “Working my way across the beach, I found a man […]


Running on empty

June 9, 2021

“When we are buried in nonessentials, we lose track of what is truly significant.” Jay Shetty From the best selling book Think Like a Monk


No greater love

June 2, 2021

Hailey is 17 and hears a commotion in her backyard. Her dogs are in a barking frenzy. A large brown bear and two cubs have scaled the fence. Does she call 911? No, Ms. Hailey makes a mad dash towards the bear, knocks it off balance, grabs a dog, and races back to the house. […]