Terrific Tony

November 29, 2021

Ninety-five year old Tony Bennett performed a career closing concert last night with his great friend Lady Gaga. It was Mr Bennett’s birthday and the pair wowed the New York crowd with many of Tony’s greatest hits. The legendary singer has been battling dementia for a few years but, put him in front of an […]


Never again

November 28, 2021

I was in the middle of a tennis lesson with 7 year old Oliver. He was hitting some beautiful two handed backhands and displayed some nice touch on his forehand volley. We stopped to pick up balls and I made an error in judgment. I asked Oliver how old he thought I was. He thought […]


The One and Only

November 23, 2021

A very young cowboy heard a story a few years ago. A wise man said there are over 300 Messianic prophecies in the Old Testament. He said that One Man in history fulfilled each and every one. Then, he gave an example I will remember forever. He stated that the odds of One Man fulfilling […]



November 22, 2021

What if there is a piece of heaven planted inside each of us? Close your eyes, for just a minute, and you might believe it’s true. A place of peace, wonder, abundance, and acceptance that small children seem to inhabit every day. Are there forces that, like an electric fence, keep us adults on the […]



November 22, 2021

Ms. Sally took advantage of our Indian summer weather and took Dudley on a two mile walk. Mr. Wigggly Butt, as I call him, is a year old King Charles Cavalier with nearly inexhaustible energy. That is until he returns from a multiple mile walk.