serenity and yoga practicing at the lake Garda

Firm foundation

January 24, 2023

“Breath of heaven Hold me together Be forever near me Breath of heaven Breath of heaven Lighten my darkness Pour over me your holiness For you are holy.”



January 23, 2023

Often just being there with a friend in need is a blessing indeed.



January 22, 2023

A very young cowboy has watched a lot of basketball over the last sixty years. So many incredible players from Chamberlain, Russell, Cousy, West, Baylor, Maravich, Jabbar, Archibald, Erving, Jokic, Curry, and Doncic. What’s missing from this list? These, obviously, are all guys. Well, guess what? I’d put this highlight film of Caitlin Clark of […]



January 22, 2023

Most of us, if we try, can remember the first time we were smitten by that intoxicating yellow ball and the physical chess match that Coach Randy Ross calls…’the greatest game ever invented.’ It looks like little Peter has discovered it today.



January 20, 2023

I just finished a terrific book entitled Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose. The book gives a detailed account of what paratroopers and soldiers endured landing on Omaha Beach in World War II. Bitter cold and frostbite, nights and many days crammed into foxholes, painful trench foot, the loss of friends who’d become closer than […]


Breath conscious

January 17, 2023

‘Yeah, looking around once in while and studying the river will improve your catch rate. You’ll build knowledge about a trout stream by just watching, there’s no doubt. But breathing deep and relaxing into the surroundings for a while, sinking into the beauty of a trout stream (and they’re all beautiful) is good for the […]


Worth a try

January 12, 2023

The rise of vehicle break ins over the last few years has been astounding. Finally, people are creating unique ideas to deter the would be thieves. I doubt this will work as well as the sticker spotted last year on a vehicle’s back window….’CAUTION…Rattlesnake in back seat.”



January 10, 2023

First of all, this fella has one great name…Gary Miracle. I read about his heroic attitude today in Harris Faulkner’s terrific book Faith Still Moves Mountains. Gary was stricken with a devastating, life endangering bacteria called sepsis.  He was sooo close to cashing in all the chips but somehow survived this nasty intruder. He ended […]

Young girl praying

No doubt

January 10, 2023

“Prayer is, beyond any question, the highest activity of the human soul.” Martyn Lloyd-Jones


Creative solution

January 4, 2023

A good friend has been experiencing a bout of the holiday blues. He had an appointment with a psychiatrist last week and believes the advice offered was quite unique.   Immediately upon rising, view the online video of Cockatoo Loves Elvis.   Shower and take the dog on a 45 minute walk breathily deeply through […]


The Blessing Bell

January 4, 2023

A very dear friend surprised me with a special gift yesterday. The card that accompanied The Blessing Bell reads… Ring this bell when you receive it And always keep it near Ring it for celebrations To add to joy and cheer Ring it when you are afraid or sick And when your voice may not […]


The bright side

January 3, 2023

A woman asked her young son, “how do you do it buddy?” ”How do you deal with this kind of pain and keep smiling?” The ten year old had had countless surgeries and now a rare spinal disorder. ”Well, Mama, life goes the way the corners of your mouth turn. “ She asked what he […]



January 3, 2023

If dogs can narrow their focus to catch the tennis ball, why do tennis players seem visually distracted so often?


That’s enough, Sally

January 1, 2023

Poor Felix.


C’mon honey

January 1, 2023

The year 2023 has not begun so well. Sally said she had to find a way to curtail my ADHD like verbal ramblings. I guess the cowboy should feel fortunate as her history with Felix and his misbehaving is now legendary.


A national pastime

January 1, 2023

“Let’s be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading.” – Lena Dunham



January 1, 2023

Well…you learn something every day. I was speaking with Christina Kent before leaving The Randy Ross Tennis Center this morning. She mentioned that she has an online active wear boutique with ZYIA ACTIVE. ( I checked it out…stylish athletic and casual wear for prices you can’t beat. Christina mentioned sales opportunities for people who wish […]



January 1, 2023

I have visited Provo, Utah a number of times and it is stunning. The Provo River has a reputation as being a premier trout fishing stream in the west. A not so young cowboy still regrets not accepting a baseball scholarship there where the pitching coach was the former Pirates great Vernon Law. From the […]



January 1, 2023

The Randy Ross Tennis Center held a holiday tennis mixer last Wednesday evening. Players were encouraged to wear their favorite seasonal sweater. Crystal, Ginger, and Marla were resplendent in sweaters that we’ll certainly see soon at The Australian Open in Melbourne. Nice going, Rock Stars!