By Mike Hall, December 22, 2019

I don’t know any movie stars but when asked if I know any famous athletes, cowboys says…’Absolutely!’

Dave invented the hula hoop and travels the world teaching this fun hobby to young and old alike.

In January, he travels to Thailand to participate in the Senior Games where he’ll compete in…what else…the hula hoop event. He’s practicing four hours a day and rumor has it he has mastered some never before seen tricks.

Jamie has just been awarded a wild card to play both singles and doubles in The Australian Open.

She was contacted by the young sensation Coco Gauff about playing doubles but had to decline saying…’I’m going to stick with my partner Mandy because she’s faster than Coco, has a better serve, and can help me with learning the Australian language.

We wish these two the best of luck as they ready themselves for these big events in January.

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  1. Dave Romberg says:

    Voluntaire Extraordanaire. One of Santa’s favorites.

  2. Eileen McCoy says:

    Love that I can call those famous peeps my friends.

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