October 13, 2019

‘I have never heard anything about the resolutions of the apostles, but a good deal about their acts.’ Og Mandino



October 6, 2019

“There is a switch inside many people set at “I can’t.” ”When it flips over to “I can” for one thing, it doesn’t stop there.”   James Fell


The Story of 9/11

September 20, 2019

A very young cowboy just finished an amazing book about the tragedy of 9/11. The author is Mitchell Zuckoff and the title is ‘Fall and Rise…The Story of 9/11.’ This book is not for the faint of heart but gives the reader a real up close account of the many heroes at The World Trade Center, […]



September 20, 2019

On a walk today with Luke and Joey, a kindly older lady asked if the cute dog with the skinny face was a deer. I was tempted to say ‘why, yes ma’am, it’s a rescue deer. We saved it from the clutches of a mountain lion near Telluride and he’s been the best pet ever.’ […]



September 9, 2019

What if Your blessings come through raindrops and what if Your healing comes through tears What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know that You are near What if trials of this life are Your mercies in disguise What if my greatest disappointments or the aching of this life Is the […]


Forever in Joy

June 3, 2019

There is a light that shines sooo bright… A heart powered by love… and a soul tethered to a God who never fails He walks by her side today and surely fills her heart tomorrow. Her joys give Him such pleasure To Him.. She’s a special treasure endowed with strength to rise above the stormy […]


Amazing Amy

February 3, 2019

It’s reported that this meeting between Gary Woodland and Amy Brockerstette was the greatest experience of his golfing life. I think you’ll quickly see why.   ** fast forward to today and Gary Woodland played brilliantly to win The 119th. U.S. Open at Pebble Beach. I’m guessing his experience with Amy still ranks right up there […]


Think again

November 30, 2018

Peter McWilliams wrote a terrific little book entitled ‘You can’t afford the luxury of a negative thought.’ It made a very young cowboy consider that this pertains to thoughts about: your neighbors, Father Time, a below average day on the courts or links, the weather, gridlock in Washinton…or on the highway, chronic aches and pains, […]


Morning Pages

January 3, 2016

Well….a new year is here and another birthday too. Sixty-nine and all is well. The cup is full to overflowing still with barely a thought about the normal maladies that come with the territory. A very happy young cowboy puts on a favorite hat and watches yet another sunset. With eyes closed and a deep […]


The Darkest Hour

November 18, 2015

In your darkest hour….when loneliness and despair overtake you…I’ll be there In your darkest hour….as the fear and doubt overwhelm you….I will be there I am The Light shining in your soul….and the hope living in your heart I am the dream you cling to when your life seems torn apart I am the friend […]


What if….

November 15, 2015

“What if the world was holding its breath…..waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill.” David Whyte


Window of Tolerance

October 19, 2015

A horse is beset by hundreds of flies on a summer afternoon in the pasture.  As best he can, he swishes his tail lazily at one after another to shoo them away.  These little annoyances (trifles) don’t ignite an agitated response from the mare because he knows that this is just part of the game. […]


Meant to Be

September 21, 2015

It began with a simple poem I’d written to inspire public speakers. The poem was read at a national speaker’s convention and subsequently mailed to my e-mail distribution list. One of the people I sent it to was Cheryl Spicer in Australia. I became acquainted with Cheryl’s talents and work with disadvantaged people in Australia, […]


Bruno Nydam

September 27, 2019

Who could have guessed when Kevin Nydam was a tennis player at Mesa State College, that he would graduate…turn to golf, and excel on the links as well. Today, he played nine holes at Highlands Ranch Golf Course. When questioned about his play, ‘well, I birdied the final four holes.’ When queried about the other […]



September 27, 2019

‘A true friend has your back and their heart beats in tune with yours. Surely, they are one of heaven’s greatest gifts.’



September 26, 2019

‘You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.’ Ethel Barrymore


Food for thought

September 15, 2019

‘Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.’ Helen Keller


An unsettling encounter

September 8, 2019

On my visit to the fitness club on Friday, emergency vehicles with lights flashing were parked near the entrance. It seems Bernie Schlagel and Helen Rabinowitz fainted simultaneously in the strength area and were being checked for concussions. Probing a bit more, I learned that they were both near a man doing a set on […]


An angel

September 3, 2019

In an empty sanctuary She began to play slowly…reverently Just her… her piano and…her God What she could not see was the aging gentleman kneeling in the shadows What a pity she didn’t know that her music soothed the man Transported him from trials and worries…and the stuff best left unworried about His eyes closed […]


Ms. Nat

August 29, 2019

You are the air traffic controller of your mental airport. You control the planes that enter and takeoff. Some people want to unload their toxic baggage at your terminal…they are like termites to oak trees. You deserve sunshine, laughter, and the divine assurance that there is a grand plan leading you forward. You select the […]



August 29, 2019

Brad Gilbert was commenting today at The US Open. He referenced a player having a tough patch by saying…’he is in a spot of bother.’ It made me consider the spots of bother that come streaming into my life each day. Do I catastrophize them (all too often) or realize they are inevitable…can I take […]



August 9, 2019

‘I know this is in my job description, but I really don’t want to touch your sweaty towel, sir.’


Krygios…the pampered one

August 8, 2019

Yonex, the racquet sponsor of Nick Kyrgios, has introduced a controversial contract clause that entitles the manufacturer to strip a chunk out of their clients’ retainer for every racquet smashed. Methinks Nick has not received the message after destroying so many racquets recently in Washington D.C., that his all too accommodating father had to ship […]


One great mom

August 8, 2019

We were in line last night at Sweet Tomatoes near The Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree. Suddenly, there was a crash near the cash register as a seven year old’s plate hit the floor. I watched to see how the expectant mother would react. She passed with flying colors. There was no anger and […]


Oh Yeah

August 7, 2019

Hi Kelly,   Just a music morsel for you, this morning.    


British humor

August 1, 2019

  Just in case you need a quick laugh…scroll to the red arrow and enjoy.  



July 26, 2019

Oftentimes humor is the best way to convey your message.



July 26, 2019

‘God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change… Courage to change the things that I can…. and wisdom to know the difference.’ Reinhold Niebauer