By Mike Hall, December 28, 2019

When the world’s pressing into you

and life is hard,

I want to know

If friends are few

and you ache for more from life

I want to know

When your favorite music

no longer puts a spring in your step

I want to know

If you ever feel lost, Dear Carly

and just need to talk

I want to know

When your heart is broken

and your soul feels like an apple shriveling in December

I want to know

We’ll talk and catch a flight

to Maui or Mazatlan

Two weeks on the beach

and you can tell me everything that troubles you

I’ll listen to every word

and hold your hand

You can close your eyes

and let the gentle waves soothe your aching heart

Close your eyes, Dear Carly

and let me hug the hurt right out of you

We’ll swim with the dolphins

and laugh till our sides hurt

I want you to know

that you’re never alone…

that there’s always a way out

when desperation threatens you

I want you to know

that we love you and always will.


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