September 27, 2020

The commentators on the broadcast today between The Buffalo Bills and The LA Rams said that quarterback Josh Allen of The Bills had to step up and prove he’s the guy…the one who can come through in the clutch. They said he must learn to ‘flush the negative plays’ to develop as a player. It […]

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA - FEBRUARY 03: Lloyd Harris of South Africa in action against Dudi Sela in the reverse singles during day 2 of the Davis Cup tie between South Africa and Israel at Irene Country Club on February 03, 2018 in Pretoria, South Africa. (Photo by Reg Caldecott/Gallo Images)


January 18, 2020

Lloyd Harris is playing in the singles finals in Adelaide. He’s a new player on the scene from South Africa. The commentators gave him a nice compliment early in his match vs. Rublev of Russia. ”He’s one who hardly ever lets big chunks of a match go by without making a change if things are […]



December 17, 2019

You play tennis 3-4 days a week in the prime league season. Besides that, you drill twice a week in the winter and you expect a lot from yourself. In competition, errors linger in your mind and negatively influence subsequent points and often games. In your time away from the court, you realize that your […]



August 29, 2019

Brad Gilbert was commenting today at The US Open. He referenced a player having a tough patch by saying…’he is in a spot of bother.’ It made me consider the spots of bother that come streaming into my life each day. Do I catastrophize them (all too often) or realize they are inevitable…can I take […]


Revolutionary new tennis product

July 1, 2019

As a tennis coach, I receive match feedback each week from players of all levels. The report that came in today was disconcerting to say the least. In a recent 3.5 women’s doubles match, a player deemed it ‘fine and dandy’ to scream (louder than Sharapova) on each hit. But…it wasn’t on the strike of […]


Tennis momentum

June 20, 2019

Yesterday, a very young cowboy had a tennis drill group that was attended by Susan, Suzie, Susan, and Susan. Susan P. mentioned that her and her partner were starting slowly in their matches and losing the first set routinely. I suggested they change their routine. Find a team who is competitive and play the best […]



April 29, 2019

‘Performance equals potential minus interference.’ Tim Gallwey ** Megam M. reported in drills on Friday that she played her best tennis when she had put a number of Christmas bells in her hair. She said the constant jingling eliminated the white noise, the over analyzing, and the critical monkey voice that had previously interfered with […]



March 23, 2019

Naomi Osaka is rightfully the number 1 ranked player in the world following back to back major wins at Flushing Meadows and Melbourne. Today in Miami, she was beaten by Su-Wei Hsieh of Taiwan. I’m hear to tell you that Hsieh is the most entertaining player in women’s tennis and more fun to watch than […]


The basics

March 10, 2019

A dog’s life is pretty simple. Two meals a day, chasing squirrels while the sun shines, and watching your favorite players compete at The BNP Paribas Open. Who could ask for more?



March 9, 2019

Bjorn Frantangelo was matched against Novak Djokovic tonight at The BNP Paribas Open. The underdog was up a break in the first set before Novak turned it around winning 7-6, 6-2. Jim Currier was announcing the match and made a comment club players might want to try incorporating into their games. He said that Frantangelo […]


Confidence in sports

February 23, 2019

Dustin Johnson is not just the best golfer on the planet, he is an amazing athlete. He’s atop the leaderboard again in Mexico City leading Rory McIlroy by four shots heading into the final round. The panel of commentators were describing his technical prowess and how he is so far above other players in many […]



February 15, 2019

During a televised women’s singles match this week, a commentator praised a player for ‘digging in her heels’ and playing error free tennis. What would ‘digging in your heels’ mean for you? ** refusing to go too big too early in a point ** shrugging off a double fault and making four first serves in […]


The Master

February 2, 2019

When you view this photo at contact…’the moment of truth’, ask yourself if the master had turned his hand over milliseconds before striking the ball…what chance would he have had to clear the net. The truth is that the young (well coached) girl in Tennis Terminology no doubt looked just like Roger at the critical […]


Tennis terminology

February 2, 2019

I cringe when players say they’ve been coached to produce ‘over spin’ on their ground strokes. The phrase unfortunately sends the wrong message to the wrist and forearm…’to produce topspin, turn the hand and forearm over’. Ouch. Get a refund if your coach speaks of over spin and turning the hand and forearm over in […]


Touch in tennis

February 2, 2019

There are a lot of similarities between golf and tennis. Without going into too much detail, here’s an idea ‘borrowed’ from a golf telecast that could help your tennis ‘touch’ game. When you play a drop shot….strive to make it as soft as a butterfly with a parachute. That’s how announcers describe a bunker/sand shot […]


Naomi The Zen Master

January 28, 2019

Naomi Osaka was one set up and had three match points in the second set. It appeared she was a shoe in to win her second consecutive Grand Slam title. Her opponent, Petra Kvitova is a two time Wimbledon champion in the best shape of her life after recovering from hand surgery following a home […]



September 14, 2018

The Golf Channel did a feature interview with professional golfer Maria Torres. She has an infectious, positive, personality and one of the commentators said…’her attitude could be the most powerful weapon in her bag.’ It made me think of the tennis players I coach and if their attitude is a powerful weapon in their bag.


Game sense

August 29, 2018

What is your Tennis IQ? Do you consistently hit the shots you ‘own’? On the changeovers, do you take time to assess what’s working and how you can exploit what is not working for your opponents? Are you familiar with former touring pro Eliot Telstcher’s concept of ‘shot tolerance’? It basically means how many balls […]



August 25, 2018

For anyone who doubts that age appropriate tennis courts and softer balls are not revolutionizing tennis, just have a look at this point.  


Three is the charm

August 21, 2018

How do you know when Father Time is sneaking up on you? Well, in a very young cowboy’s case…it’s when you realize you’ve taught tennis to three generations of the same family. Grandma Lynn started in 1982 followed by her daughter Kelly in 1988. Lynn was thrilled when the third generation began lessons last Sunday. […]