By Mike Hall, December 17, 2019

You play tennis 3-4 days a week in the prime league season.

Besides that, you drill twice a week in the winter and you expect a lot from yourself.

In competition, errors linger in your mind and negatively influence subsequent points and often games.

In your time away from the court, you realize that your life isn’t defined by tennis but that mindset is swept away when matches get heated.

What to do?

Viktor Frankl survived the concentration camps in WWII and wrote…’between stimulus and response there is a space,’  and, if he watched you play, he would encourage you to fill the space with something that helps rather than harms you.

Get a cloth wristband and, in your next match, after points wipe it across your forehead and say the words,’No Sweat.’

Who knows, maybe in time a better filling of that all important space, will replace that old negative/toxic loop that used to take over.




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