By Mike Hall, December 10, 2019

Angels dream bigger than mortals

They see with eyes magnified

With hearts overflowing

their love keeps others going

angel dreams are never denied

Gabby shared a wish with her mom

the dream took on a life of its own

With passion unbending

and love never ending

goodwill to the children was sown

There’s smiles and laughter

and yes… a sprinkling of tears

Within every backpack

Every game and each toy

a part of Gabby lives on through the years

Angel dreams can move mountains

and throw them into the sea

a spirit so strong

and a heart as true

Gabby, this mission is forever about you

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  1. Peg rudden says:

    She is our angel. Beautiful, kind, funny and always always in our hearts. Through her journey, her mom and friends have made sure all children will remember that special smile and beautiful
    Heart. Always

    • Mike Hall says:

      Hi Peggy,

      I have to think that every smile that springs from the kids provides Gabby with such joy!

      10,000 bags…so amazing.

      Hope you have a terrific Christmas,


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