Lonelsome woman drinking cup of coffee by the window of her living room while the snow is falling outside. Selective focus with shallow depth of field.


January 31, 2021

“My door is always open, coffee is always on, and my sofa is always warm and a place of peace and non-judgment. Any of my family and friends who need to chat are welcome anytime. It’s no good suffering in silence. I have cold drinks in the fridge and tea and coffee in the cupboard, […]


One Flew Away from The Cuckoo Nest

January 31, 2021

Well…it’s as good as done. It appears The Colorado Rockies have sent Nolan Arenado to The St. Louis Cardinals and forked over


Thanks coach

January 28, 2021

A very wise coach was mentoring a perfectionistic laden young student and was making little headway with the player. Flummoxed, he went to bed that night and in the morning he awoke early. Two minutes into his morning shower, a memory from his playing days popped into his mind. You see, he had had a […]


Blessed assurance

January 26, 2021

What if it’s true that you are caught up in a greater story? What if the day to day ramblings you’re immersed in are all merely minor scenes in the feature film that is your life? Would you still be anxious or upset if you…the actor or actress in this drama, could fast forward and […]



January 25, 2021

“Sometimes the strength within you is not a big firey flame for all to see, it is just a tiny spark that whispers ever so softly, “you’ve got this, keep going.” Unknown


The King

January 24, 2021

The home run king of baseball Hank Aaron passed away this week at age 86. Most people recall the night he slammed an Al Downing fast ball over the left center field fence to pass Babe Ruth with 715 career home runs. Mr. Aaron was always known for his class and commitment to equal opportunity […]



January 21, 2021

Richard Kerr and Will Jennings wrote a terrific song fifty years ago with lyrics sung masterfully by Dionnne Warwick. A very young cowboy heard the song on the way to work tonight and the lyrics seem especially pertinent this year. “No night so long that you can’t find the day… No day so wrong that […]



January 19, 2021

‘If I don’t laugh sometimes, I feel like life will pass me by.’ Jane Kirkpatrick

Strong kid in class. Happy child against blackboard. Education concept


January 19, 2021

‘Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice that at the end of the day says, ‘I’ll try again tomorrow.’ Mary Ann Radmacher



January 17, 2021

‘The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.’ Pablo Picasso


Mental Skills at Randy Ross Tennis Center

January 14, 2021

Mental Toughness Training with Steffie Hi, I’m Steffie Skarwecki, Sport Psychologist, Tennis Professional and certified Mental Toughness Trainer. In my experience with tennis players of all levels and ages, I have found a common theme: players know very little about the mental side of tennis and even less about how to train for mental toughness. […]


No fear

January 14, 2021

I’m sure you’ve seen video clips on the news lately showing people getting vaccinated for this nasty virus. If you’re like Sally and cowboy, you are thinking to yourself…do they really need to be using needles that long? And, is it true that shots are now being administered at Brakes Plus? Let me assuage your […]



January 11, 2021

‘Not every day is a good day…but there’s good in every day’. Captain Chad Fleming, US Army


Holy Schmole

January 10, 2021

How is it that I’ve lived these many years and never heard of Tommy Emmanuel…or explored the genius of Roy Clark? The people I admired most resided in the world of sports…Dr. J, Pistol Pete, Magic Johnson, Jenny Finch, Michael Jordan, and Sandy Koufax. Well, time to add three more…Eva Cassidy, Tommy Emmanuel, and Roy […]


Emotional mastery

January 3, 2021

The Head football coach for Ohio State made a revealing comment on tv last night. He said, ‘You have to play with emotion…but not let emotion play with you.’ How many tennis players do you encounter who let their emotions play with them?