One Flew Away from The Cuckoo Nest

By Mike Hall, January 31, 2021

Well…it’s as good as done. It appears The Colorado Rockies have sent Nolan Arenado to The St. Louis Cardinals and forked over

$50 million dollars as well.

Here you have a shoo-in first ballot Hall of Famer and arguably the best player at his position in baseball history and they let him go like a golfer tossing blades of grass in the air to test the wind.

As tennis great John McEnroe once said…..’You cannot be serious!’

Do the Monfort’s think we’re gonna take this latest management kerfuffle in stride and continue showing up to watch mediocre baseball while downing highly overpriced beer?

It was bad enough when they let DJ Lamahieu escape to the Yankees but this is beyond stupid.

This fiasco would be like The Nuggets shipping All Star Nikola Jokic to The Clippers.

Trust me, the exodus will continue unabated as Trevor Story opts out next year as everyone in the sport realizes Colorado is not serious about putting a competitive team on the field.

General Manager Jeff Bridich will be sent packing but not soon enough to satisfy what used to be a very devoted fan base. That base will vote with their feet in 2022 when covid is gone and they no longer visit Coors Field.

Most fans think that Bridich’s replacement (pictured here) will have a tough ask ahead to restore fan loyalty and they are right.

It is just startling that The Monfort’s top candidate seems to have so much in common with the soon departing GM.

Jeff will undoubtedly say that Nolan forced his hand and wanted out..truth is that small thinking Jeff never had the baseball intelligence to surround Arenado with players even close to giving them a chance to be a playoff contender.

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