The King

By Mike Hall, January 24, 2021

The home run king of baseball Hank Aaron passed away this week at age 86.

Most people recall the night he slammed an Al Downing fast ball over the left center field fence to pass Babe Ruth with 715 career home runs.

Mr. Aaron was always known for his class and commitment to equal opportunity for all races throughout his life.

And…he remains the home run king as his record was never tainted by the use of performance enhancing drugs.

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One Comment

  1. Dave Romberg says:

    When he tried out for pro ball he batted cross handed. He hadn’t been coached before.
    He couldn’t stay in the all white hotels so he stayed with black families on road trips.

    Of all the players he said that Stan Musial treated him the best. Stan the Man was my favorite.
    How many years did #44 hit 44 home runs?

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