Blessed assurance

By Mike Hall, January 26, 2021

What if it’s true that you are caught up in a greater story?

What if the day to day ramblings you’re immersed in are all merely minor scenes
in the feature film that is your life?

Would you still be anxious or upset if you…the actor or actress in this drama, could fast forward and see the whole picture…and the insignificance of a misstep here and there?

Perhaps the knowledge that the film has a happy ending would free you up to be more accepting of yourself…more free like a bluebird flying merrily from branch to branch singing all the while.

Face it…we envy those beautiful birds soaring blissfully above us. We stand and marvel at their freedom of movement and how easily they adjust to the wind currents that try to throw them off course.

Maybe we’re meant to watch them more closely. And…just maybe we’re to learn from them.

Perhaps the masters of flight possess an inner knowing that they too are caught up in a greater story and that in their feathers, and in their hearts, it’s crystal clear that all ends well.

Oh…that inner knowing and that all abiding blessed assurance.

Why, it could, if us actors could own it, eliminate worry and catastrophizing when the air currents of our lives are stormy and disruptive.

Close your eyes and inhale deeply. Even just once will do. As you exhale, rejoice in the feeling that you are indeed a part of a greater story, that all will end well, and that your spirit is greater than anything that comes your way today.

Inspired by Jean Anderson’s favorite church…4th. Presbyterian in Chicago.

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  1. Betty White says:

    Assured! And blessed:)
    Thank you

  2. r. kreft says:

    Awesome , Cowboy!! For guys like me easier said than DONE!!

  3. Theresa says:

    Thank you Mike! Beautiful words, I hung in every word. So inspiring!

  4. Cheryl Spicer says:

    Oh to have that wisdom ! Bless youxxx

  5. Cheryl Spicer says:

    Oh to have that wisdom Bless you 🙏xxx

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