Mental Skills at Randy Ross Tennis Center

By Mike Hall, January 14, 2021

Mental Toughness Training with Steffie

Hi, I’m Steffie Skarwecki, Sport Psychologist, Tennis Professional and certified Mental Toughness Trainer. In my experience with tennis players of all levels and ages, I have found a common theme: players know very little about the mental side of tennis and even less about how to train for mental toughness. Mental toughness is an acquired skill, not an inherited gift, and most importantly these skills can be learned. Much like we train our bodies for sport, we must also train our brains to become mentally tough.

What is Mental Toughness Training?
The Mental Toughness Training program was developed by Dr Jim Loehr, one of the world’s most recognized performance psychologists, at the Human Performance Institute in Orlando, Florida.

As a competitor, you probably remember times during your best performances in which you experienced feelings of confidence, calmness, focus, determination, positive energy and automatic execution. This state is what the Human Performance Institute, Inc. calls the Ideal Performance State™️ (IPS). Great competitors have learned how to enter and sustain this state of mind on demand, regardless of the competitive circumstances. In Mental Toughness Training, you will learn how to access your own personal Ideal Performance State (IPS). You will identify the barriers that may prevent you from fully expressing your talents in competition and systematically train to help overcome those obstacles in order to make your IPS an attainable goal in everyday life.

What Will I learn in Mental Toughness Training?

Upon completion of the program, you will have defined what motivates you, tapped into your own private voice and self talk, learned the concept of “rewriting” your old story into a more favorable one, and will have the tools to create routines and rituals that will essentially create new, positive neurological pathways in your brain. The skills you will acquire in Mental Toughness Training will not only help you to achieve your personal best on the court, but will also translate into other areas of your life.

I look forward to teaching you how to become your own ultimate coach; you will be the best coach you’ve ever had!

Mental Toughness Training Program:

Individual or Small Group :

The Mental Toughness Training program takes, on average, about 8- 10 hour long sessions to complete. Clients can choose to partake in this program in private or group sessions with myself. The strategies and training learned from the program will be useful for a lifetime. To be successful, I ask all clients to be ready to put in as much work into training their brain as they would training their body on the tennis court. This is an in-depth training program which challenges you to align with purpose and action. It is important to be open to self reflection, self accountability and consistency.
This option includes the Mental Toughness Training workbook.

Group Lectures:

Group lectures are designed to touch on the main points of the Mental Toughness Training Program. In this setting, I will provide the tools necessary to change repetitive thought and behavioral patterns and provide the steps needed to retrain your brain. This will be an interactive lecture with plenty of moments for group discussions and questions. Be prepared to share barriers that prevent you from getting in to and staying in your Ideal Performance State (IPS). Please bring a note book, as there will be many writing activities. The physical act of writing is a great way to connect the mind and body!

You can reach Steffie at 303 903-0171 or Steffie@randyrosstennis.com

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