Worth a try

August 31, 2023

I’m thinking it’s about time for the fitness club I frequent to take action. Why can’t they place the sign displayed here on exercise machines to deter cell phone addicts and others who camp on machines for twenty plus minutes? I have to think that one member being towed away might make an impression on […]


Trusted friends

July 2, 2023

I learned a new term today…’canine comfort’. In the hospital or at home, dogs are like a soothing salve that helps cure many of the things that ail us humans.


Saved by sister

June 20, 2023

Taylor was about to crush a topspin two handed backhand today when her swing was interrupted. A flying squirrel leapt from a nearby pine tree and affixed itself to her scalp. Luckily, her sister Blake rushed to the rescue, grabbed the squirrel by the tail, and heaved it over the fence. Happily, Taylor was still […]


One athletic doggie

June 16, 2023

A light drizzle followed Annie and me on our walk just now. There’s not much drama with her…hardly sniffs the grass and just seems to be content being outside. At the halfway point, we both stopped as a silver haired woman appeared out of nowhere. She too, was on a walk with a large dog […]



June 7, 2023

Blake and Taylor rocked on the tennis court today. After tennis, they both tried their hand at juggling and Blake was thrilled at the progress she made! Here’s hoping the girls fulfill their promise to practice as they will soon have three ball juggling conquered to impress their friends.



March 27, 2023

It seems my dental hygienist has been encouraging the purchase and use of a Water Pik for at least two years. After two costly crowns and receding gum lines, I figured it just might be a prudent idea. That’s when procrastination’s ugly voice kicked in…’no hurry, you can start after the weekend’. Six weeks later […]


Silly looking

February 27, 2023

With all of the controversy surrounding professional golf these days, can we agree that this new fashion statement needs to be put to bed soon?



February 24, 2023

One of my tennis students is a physician’s assistant and reported this week on the state of the medical profession as we try to get past Covid. She said that burnout is rampant and that 37% of those in medicine are not renewing their licenses. That’s more than astounding…it’s downright scary.


Enough already

February 16, 2023

I’m sure most of the sports tv shows who feature talking heads use the same gimmick…they play nonsense background noise while their heads are giving the highlights or scores for the day. They obviously have studied our human brains to know the noise hooks us like a Rapala fishing lure into continuing to watch this […]


Real vs. Tainted Golf

February 10, 2023

We’re watching the WM Phoenix Open Golf Tournament which draws enormous crowds. The 16th. hole is surrounded by 20,000 fans who party like there’s no tomorrow every year. The PGA Tour has been doing a terrific job of highlighting their loyal players who didn’t abandon the fans to accept obscene amounts of money from The […]


Breath conscious

January 17, 2023

‘Yeah, looking around once in while and studying the river will improve your catch rate. You’ll build knowledge about a trout stream by just watching, there’s no doubt. But breathing deep and relaxing into the surroundings for a while, sinking into the beauty of a trout stream (and they’re all beautiful) is good for the […]


Worth a try

January 12, 2023

The rise of vehicle break ins over the last few years has been astounding. Finally, people are creating unique ideas to deter the would be thieves. I doubt this will work as well as the sticker spotted last year on a vehicle’s back window….’CAUTION…Rattlesnake in back seat.”


The Blessing Bell

January 4, 2023

A very dear friend surprised me with a special gift yesterday. The card that accompanied The Blessing Bell reads… Ring this bell when you receive it And always keep it near Ring it for celebrations To add to joy and cheer Ring it when you are afraid or sick And when your voice may not […]


C’mon honey

January 1, 2023

The year 2023 has not begun so well. Sally said she had to find a way to curtail my ADHD like verbal ramblings. I guess the cowboy should feel fortunate as her history with Felix and his misbehaving is now legendary.



January 1, 2023

Well…you learn something every day. I was speaking with Christina Kent before leaving The Randy Ross Tennis Center this morning. She mentioned that she has an online active wear boutique with ZYIA ACTIVE. (myzyia.com) I checked it out…stylish athletic and casual wear for prices you can’t beat. Christina mentioned sales opportunities for people who wish […]


Buyer’s Remorse

October 18, 2022

Imagine being a member of The Walton family and paying over four billion dollars to become owners of The Denver Broncos. The team hires a new coach and trades for a highly regarded quarterback. By the second half of the sixth game of the season, you don your game faces watching unimaginable futility as fans […]


Not so fast

October 12, 2022

A very young cowboy entered the tennis club this afternoon to see the very shocked face of Devon. He said…’I just received a call from a player who asked…’did Cowboy Bob pass away?’ We both got a good laugh over it. He said my picture and a notice was posted on Instagram indicating that I’d […]

dog out sunroof


October 6, 2022

It took a while to figure this out but I think it now makes sense. Driving to the tennis club yesterday, I glanced to the left and was startled to see the huge head of a Great Dane protruding from the sun roof of a passing vehicle. I guess folks have gotten very creative to […]


Great golf

September 25, 2022

On this, the final day of The President’s Cup, fans were treated to a dazzling display of golf from The American and International teams. Crowds of eight deep lined every hole with loud chants of ‘USA’ whenever Spieth, Thomas, or a teammate captured a hole. I had to wonder if The LIV Golf defectors watched […]


Commitment to America

September 24, 2022

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy introduced the conservative plan to educate voters as the midterm elections draw closer. I figure it’s definitely worth a look. Surely, it details a promise to reign in government spending that could currently be deemed as One Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest….where every family is being abused by forty year […]