A fan with a paper bag over his head watches during the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game between the New Jersey Nets and the Miami Heat on Monday, March 22, 2010, in East Rutherford, N.J. The Nets have a 7-63 record as the Heat defeated the Nets 99-89.  (AP Photo/Bill Kostroun)

Basement level ownership

April 17, 2021

A good friend asked if I might want to go see a Major League Baseball game at Coors Field. I said that the team’s mismanagement resulting in a current last place standing means we’d have to travel over six hundred miles to Kansas City to see the majors play. Holy Schmole! ** That’s the result […]


One Flew Away from The Cuckoo Nest

January 31, 2021

Well…it’s as good as done. It appears The Colorado Rockies have sent Nolan Arenado to The St. Louis Cardinals and forked over


The King

January 24, 2021

The home run king of baseball Hank Aaron passed away this week at age 86. Most people recall the night he slammed an Al Downing fast ball over the left center field fence to pass Babe Ruth with 715 career home runs. Mr. Aaron was always known for his class and commitment to equal opportunity […]


No fear

January 14, 2021

I’m sure you’ve seen video clips on the news lately showing people getting vaccinated for this nasty virus. If you’re like Sally and cowboy, you are thinking to yourself…do they really need to be using needles that long? And, is it true that shots are now being administered at Brakes Plus? Let me assuage your […]


Recycle Tennis Balls

December 8, 2020

I ran into Richard Oliver last Sunday on the tennis courts. He mentioned that he is involved with an organization that recycles used tennis balls. Richard said it takes over 200 years for discarded tennis balls to erode and his group recycles and puts the materials to good use for schools and other worthwhile projects. […]


A big time hero

November 26, 2020

Alex Smith is smiling again. Tonight, he quarterbacked The Washington Redskins to a convincing win on the road against The Dallas Cowboys. What an incredible comeback story. On November 18, 2018, he suffered a compound fracture of his leg. Alex has had 17 surgeries since that fateful day and developed a sepsis infection that threatened […]


Class act

November 26, 2020

What a nice gesture by The Denver Broncos. They sent a game ball last week to Hall of Famer Floyd Little who is currently in hospice care. Way to go, team!


Table for two

November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving during a pandemic…my, oh my, have things changed. And still we’re hopeful…still optimistic that next year will bring the world back to normal. Health, happiness, and hope to you all.



November 24, 2020

A very young cowboy’s Alma mater…Mesa College (now Colorado Mesa University) has come up with a terrific idea. It’s called The CMU Center for Reflection. A sanctuary where students can go day or night to get their thoughts together, find some peace, and remove themselves from the hecticity of their world. During these covid times, […]


Rock Stars!

November 22, 2020

Blake and Taylor love to dance. They love their dogs, Halloween,and spending time with their cousins. The two sisters sure impressed a very young cowboy today on the tennis court as they raced from sideline to sideline. As they say…’we love to compete with our feet’.



October 14, 2020

A very young cowboy had an hour tennis lesson this morning with one of his all time favorite groups. These kiddos are really learning fast and as 7 year old Taylor says….’HST’ That stands for High School Tennis and these four could one day be playing for Cherry Creek High School. Blake, Taylor, Tenley, and […]


Rare gifts

October 4, 2020

Who knows where our talents come from? Whether it’s music or athletics, or comedy or art, it is enough that we take time to be grateful for our own gifts and to marvel at those of others. We’re proud of our daughter Carly’s gift in art. This is one of her recent creations. Rock on, […]


Ride of a lifetime

June 29, 2020

A very young cowboy was fishing last Monday on The Colorado River near Parshall. It was a memorable day with some sizable rainbows and browns brought to the net. There was one rainbow that made the day extra special. I cast a size 18 soft hackle downstream and watched closely as it drifted 30 feet […]



June 27, 2020

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. […]


Picnic time

May 17, 2020

Well…now that our kitchen redo is nearly finished, Sally wants me to embark on a fun project she witnessed on TV. It shouldn’t be that difficult and we have at least two squirrels out back who will undoubtedly be delighted.


New horizons

May 11, 2020

Promise me that you’ll remain open to new possibilities and the potential wrapped inside the gift of change Convince me that you will continue searching with a heart of hope when one door closes and you feel lost Promise me that you’ll see with fresh eyes shining and stride confidently down new paths that call […]


About time

April 25, 2020

Eventually, someone had to say ‘enough’ of these plain Jane- boring as hell masks that most of us have created. Boredom can surely spawn the seeds of creativity.


Spirit redefined

April 19, 2020

A great friend encouraged me to view a film about an amazing individual. His name is Stephen Wampler and the film chronicles his six day ascent of California’s El Capitan. Mr. Wampler was born with cerebral palsy so the climb was especially challenging. Imagine doing 20,000 pull ups in less than a week….incredible!  The height […]



April 19, 2020

A very young man was delighted to get in a good bike ride today. I rode my usual route for nearly an hour and, like you, saw many people walking their dogs and following instructions about masks and social distancing. At the crest of a hill, I turned right and saw a fella my age […]



April 18, 2020

Our kitchen is being redone and Sally is very thrilled. Yesterday, we had to empty the refrigerator to make room for the new one. Sally had said a pesky fly had been in the house the last day or so. When I returned from fishing, she motioned me over and said…’have a look at this.’ […]