Thanks Graham

April 8, 2020

My good and much younger friend Graham shared an interesting idea this morning. He said that, as we age, it’s a good idea to try to wash one foot at a time in the shower. Just lift up the foot as high as you’re able whilst balancing on the other. A very young cowboy decided […]


An old homestead

April 7, 2020

Yesterday, a very young at heart cowboy decided to find a couple of bass lakes near Chatfield Lake. It turned out to be quite an adventure and one my legs won’t soon forget. En route to the lakes, I came across an old abandoned cabin and peeked inside. It was so old that it looked […]



April 7, 2020

‘Mom, I know this virus thing has us cooped up at home for weeks now…and that it’s a struggle to find things to fill the time. But taco races….really? C’mon mom.’



April 2, 2020

Experts have been reporting that pets are not at risk in this Coronavirus pandemic. Levi and Bart arrived yesterday for a three day stay as their owners are volunteering at a Colorado Springs food bank. I could be wrong but it sure seems they are aware that something is not right.  


Pandemic reaction

March 27, 2020

Cabin Fever is manifested in a variety of ways. Some healthy and others prompting a call to Dr. Phil or one with similar abilities.


Too funny

March 27, 2020

The lady’s name above has gone out of favor but let me know if anyone has a relative named Myrtle. Yeppers…Myrtle Young visited with Johnny Carson years ago and the 3 minute video is priceless. Just do a search of Johnny Carson and Potato Chip Trick.


Never alone

March 27, 2020

There were five couples practicing social distancing as they spoke from the edge of their driveways. They had determined that their cul de sac had 13 children ten years or younger. What was in question was who had written the statement above on the sidewalk. Not one child spoke up and the parents were flummoxed. […]


Hole Wheat Bread

March 27, 2020

My good friend Kevin Nydam of Thrive Realty has been telling me for years that one of the secrets to losing weight is to cut out bread from your diet. Well…it seems he has conspired with my dear wife and the bakers at Izzio Artisan Bakery to assist in this weight reduction program. Either that […]


A sign of the times

March 20, 2020

‘Father, forgive me…my last confession was the day before The Astros cheating scandal became public. I now confess that I was aware of their shenanigans and made over $2 million in illegal betting. With the Coronavirus, I’m out of a job and beseech thee to forgive me and I promise to give to the poor […]

Mike Lemcke, from Richmond, Va., sits in an empty Greensboro Coliseum after the NCAA college basketball games were cancelled at the Atlantic Coast Conference tournament in Greensboro, N.C., Thursday, March 12, 2020. The biggest conferences in college sports all canceled their basketball tournaments because of the new coronavirus, seemingly putting the NCAA Tournament in doubt.  (AP Photo/Ben McKeown)

No go

March 15, 2020

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. March Sadness.  


Have mercy on us

February 20, 2020

Moderator:  Mrs. Warren…do you have a question? Warren:       Could we please take potty break? Moderator:   Why, of course…you’re excused and would you and mega bucks Mike mind going to the casino for an hour while we finish this?


One witty guy

February 18, 2020

Best quote of the year by a resident of Virginia. ‘You’d have a better chance laying in a creek and kissing a copperhead than taking the guns from Virginians.’

Men praying with rosaries in prayer group.


February 11, 2020

Pastor Doug related this story on Sunday. A missionary was in Africa serving the poorest of the poor. He was running low on medical and other supplies and embarked on a two day trip to the nearest village on a rickety bicycle. When he arrived, he witnessed two teenagers fighting and stepped in to break […]

THE BACHELOR - "2401" - Handsome airline pilot Peter Weber is ready to take off on an international journey filled with romance, high drama and love! He grabbed Hannah B.'s attention with his boyish charm and one storied night in a windmill, but Bachelor Nation was shocked when she ended their relationship. Now, their heartthrob is back to hand out the roses and search for his happily ever after as he stars in the 24th edition of ABC's hit romance reality series "The Bachelor," premiering with a big three-hour special, MONDAY, JAN. 6 (8:00-11:00 p.m. EST), on ABC. (Eric McCandless via Getty Images)

Bye, bye

February 7, 2020

I’m so glad the library called yesterday to advise that a book I’d ordered had arrived. Sally and her friends were watching a recorded show of The Bachelor and it was obvious it was time for me to abandon ship. How did I know? Well…when the word ‘like’ is used an average of 3 times […]


Comedy club

February 5, 2020

Payback is hell. Hey Adam…John Bolton is available if you want to appoint a special counsel to investigate the Ukrainian hacking of the Iowa caucus. Maybe Comey, Brennan, and Clapper can join before they go before the grand jury.



February 5, 2020

This may turn out to be the picture of the year. Accompanied by glimpses of ultra glum Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler whose charade ends today, how entertaining to watch crazy Nancy squirm for ninety minutes as the president highlighted accomplishments of the last three years and set the tone for his re-election. It was […]


One Happy Guy

February 1, 2020

A very young cowboy ran into Cooper and his brother Logan today near the tennis courts. Cooper was practicing hoops to get ready for an afternoon game at Ken Caryl. He is a good shooter and seems to love the game. He got a lesson from Michael Jordan and Walter Davis today and hope he […]


Say it ain’t so

January 26, 2020

The sports world is reeling tonight. RIP Kobe and Gianna. We may not have rooted for you when The Lakers took the court in Denver but, oh my, do we respect you and what you have meant to kids all over the world. How many times you torched us…leaving us to wonder how on earth […]


Spare me

January 22, 2020

Five things I’d rather do than listen/look at liars Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler on TV. Have a prostate biopsy daily for a week. Undergo a root canal without anesthesia Get hit in the head with a baseball bat Pick up 30 piles of dog doo in the backyard Watch Nancy Pelosi say that this […]



December 28, 2019

The odds are increasing that this fella is going to be questioned again. A grand jury will surely be convened and he’ll be asked again if he believed the information in The Clinton paid for, bogus, Steele dossier was verified when he said so to the FISA court. Since he lied under oath in previous […]