By Mike Hall, January 20, 2023

I just finished a terrific book entitled Band of Brothers by Stephen Ambrose.

The book gives a detailed account of what paratroopers and soldiers endured landing on Omaha Beach in World War II.

Bitter cold and frostbite, nights and many days crammed into foxholes, painful trench foot, the loss of friends who’d become closer than brothers, and the terrifying, every day reality that your number might be called next. Oh, and the haunting sights and sounds of injuries too gruesome to describe.

It is no wonder that these brave patriots refused to talk about their experiences in war after they returned home.

As I closed the book for the last time, I wondered about the little inconveniences we face each day…how they rattle our cages and often put a bee in our bonnets.

May we be mindful of how trivial nearly all of these trials are when compared to what the gallant men and women of Bastogne and Omaha Beach had to deal with non stop years ago.

Maybe high schools could start a class for students on Mental Toughness. Students would need to dig a foxhole in early December, spend a week in it eating canned spam, and go without a shower for thirty days.

One group of paratroopers from The 101st. Airborne Division went 69 days in a row before showering.


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