Thanks Graham

By Mike Hall, April 8, 2020

My good and much younger friend Graham shared an interesting idea this morning.

He said that, as we age, it’s a good idea to try to wash one foot at a time in the shower. Just lift up the foot as high as you’re able whilst balancing on the other.

A very young cowboy decided to try it because it must increase one’s balance if you do this every day.

I guess a very stiff cowboy is suited more for the saddle than this balancing act.

The medical crew believes I have a fractured tailbone and a displaced vertebrae in the C5 area.

They tell me fly fishing might be back on the agenda in October if I can be fitted with a special stream friendly walker to limit the chance of falling and drowning.

Thanks for the tip, Graham.

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  1. r. kreft says:

    Mike, Tell me that’s a bad JOKE!!???

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