An old homestead

By Mike Hall, April 7, 2020

Yesterday, a very young at heart cowboy decided to find a couple of bass lakes near Chatfield Lake.

It turned out to be quite an adventure and one my legs won’t soon forget.

En route to the lakes, I came across an old abandoned cabin and peeked inside. It was so old that it looked as if it had been built ninety years ago.

I wondered if the homesteaders who lived there had to deal with anything like this Coronavirus that is devastating the world right now.

Did they have to endure The Dust Bowl that began in 1930?

How did they cope with the Depression and then the dust storms that reportedly lasted for a decade?

Surely, they didn’t care about a baseball season suspended or tennis and golf events cancelled. They had to worry about the basics of shelter and food.

Maybe we are fortunate to live now when we’re distancing but not isolated.

We stay in touch as best we can with family and friends. We pray for those who have caught this dangerous virus and for the heroes who are on the front lines in this war.

This too shall pass and until it does, keep strong, maintain your humor, and ride out the storm with those you love.



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