Soul Brothers

By Mike Hall, November 13, 2019

‘Barack, what do you think of these front row seats that Hunter gave us for tonight?’

’Amazing, my brother…he could have sold these and easily made $2,000. Maybe that’s just chump change for him.’

‘Speaking of chumps, can you believe the media has not asked us one question about Hunter getting picked for this board (2014) and making $50,000 a month with no experience in the energy business?’

‘You slay me, bro…you know we have 99 per cent of the media tucked into our back pocket, along with Hollywood and both coasts.

‘Speak softly, homie.  We want to keep this under wraps and certainly don’t want anyone to know how proud we both are of your son and his ‘work’ with this corrupt company.

’You text me again if these tickets are available and I’m in’

Ahhhh Hunter…just one more example of The American Dream coming true.



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