By Mike Hall, April 18, 2020

Our kitchen is being redone and Sally is very thrilled.

Yesterday, we had to empty the refrigerator to make room for the new one.

Sally had said a pesky fly had been in the house the last day or so. When I returned from fishing, she motioned me over and said…’have a look at this.’

Mr. housefly had found his way into the refrigerator and was imprisoned in a produce drawer formerly the home of carrots and lettuce.

I vowed to try to capture  and release this critter but forgot about it before going to bed.

This morning….Sally again motioned me over and said….’open the refrigerator and the produce drawer’.

Mr. housefly was nowhere to be found.

I have renamed this guy Houdini The Housefly because of his daring escape from a totally enclosed produce tray in a closed refrigerator.

Unfortunately, this valiant fighter died last night due to over exertion but hopefully this morsel will keep his memory alive for years.

A celebration of life will be held Tuesday at Horan and McConaty on County Line Road.

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  1. Star says:

    I needed that this morning 😂

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