Over the top

By Mike Hall, April 18, 2020

The virus has spurred people to come up with some very creative ways to stay in touch with their favorite sports.

The other day a father was seen on TV working with his 3 year old son hitting foam tennis balls in the house. The kid is going to be a fine player someday.

If he lives in Denver, I’ll undoubtedly refrain from attending his matches.

Why? you ask.

Well…the father has obviously taught the kid to punctuate each shot with a Sharapova-like scream.

At least with her we had the mute button handy.

Some parents can be well meaning and totally misguided and I pity every opponent this kid will play in the juniors.


btw…the kiddo pictured is not the same one…he’s one of the 98% of juniors who have parents wise enough to realize how obnoxious this can be. Instilling this habit in a three year old would be like teaching him to insert the word ‘like’ three times into each sentence uttered.




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