A bit of fun

By Mike Hall, July 26, 2018

A number of years ago, Tim Tebow was a quarterback for The Denver Broncos. Today, he’s pursuing a career in baseball and excelling in that sport too.

Tebow, a very committed Christian, used to take a knee and put his hand to his forehead presumably to give thanks to The One above.

He drew quite a bit of flack for it but remained unfazed. It made a very young cowboy consider other elite athletes and the rituals they employ. The first  one that came to mind was Rafa Nadal. To say that his serving routine is unique is an understatement.

I decided to have some fun with it one Super Bowl Sunday…tried to imagine if he were to take it to another level one day.



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One Comment

  1. Tom F says:

    Gotta love it!
    Tom F

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