By Mike Hall, February 5, 2020

This may turn out to be the picture of the year.

Accompanied by glimpses of ultra glum Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler whose charade ends today, how entertaining to watch crazy Nancy squirm for ninety minutes as the president highlighted accomplishments of the last three years and set the tone for his re-election.

It was better than viewing The Best of The Honeymooners.

Maybe we should give them some slack based on the fiasco in Iowa and the no chance candidates they cringe over each day.

Can someone send her a crying towel?

Does this mean that hate still has no place in your heart and that, even though it hurts, you still pray for the president?

Breaking news…Dr. Phil is offering discounted group sessions for Nancy, Adam, Jerry, and the House managers. He thought about extending the offer to The Squad but knows there is little he could do with them.

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One Comment

  1. r. kreft says:

    Poor little girl! Talk about hatred and dislike for America!! That’s Nancy Peloci

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