The mad serpent

By Mike Hall, October 8, 2020

I know, this photo seems innocuous enough so what’s the big deal?

Well…there is a story that happened Wednesday that will clear things up.

The location is a car wash in Highlands Ranch on South Colorado Blvd..

You might miss the sign but it reads ‘Protected by cameras’.

A very young cowboy stopped there to vacuum his car following a fishing adventure Tuesday on The Colorado River. I put my four quarters in the machine and presto the vacuum came to life. Within seconds, the seemingly insatiable red snake became affixed to my gray tennis shorts and held on like a junkyard dog attacking a midnight intruder.

Bottom line is that the snake had taken hold in a place that could cause serious harm/disability. One might say the mad serpent was intent on stealing a couple of jewels.

In my haste to get free, I wondered if the person reviewing the video later would be sympathetic when seeing the look on my face and madcap evasive actions or just be laughing till they peed their pants.

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  1. Peggy says:

    Will pay big $ to have a copy of the video, just for scientific purposes of course, not for laughing hysterically!
    Glad you made it thru this ordeal.

  2. Douglas Wayland says:

    Suck it up! It happens. Now you know how a fish feels when its sucked out of the river. I hope the vacuum was into catch and release.

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