Spare me

By Mike Hall, January 22, 2020

Five things I’d rather do than listen/look at liars Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler on TV.

  1. Have a prostate biopsy daily for a week.
  2. Undergo a root canal without anesthesia
  3. Get hit in the head with a baseball bat
  4. Pick up 30 piles of dog doo in the backyard
  5. Watch Nancy Pelosi say that this farce is about the Constitution and not politics.

**   Quote of the day from Dagin of The Five …’Adam Schiff couldn’t sell peach pie and lemonade to South Carolinians on The Fourth of July.’

Amen…he is a congenital liar in the same league as H. Clinton, J. Comey, Lois Lerner, and Loretta Lynch.

Here’s one person’s comment…’having to listen to Adam Schiff for four hours is a crime against humanity.’

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