Ride of a lifetime

By Mike Hall, June 29, 2020

A very young cowboy was fishing last Monday on The Colorado River near Parshall.

It was a memorable day with some sizable rainbows and browns brought to the net.

There was one rainbow that made the day extra special.

I cast a size 18 soft hackle downstream and watched closely as it drifted 30 feet below me. Most experts advise that an angler should let the fly dangle for a few seconds once it concludes the drift.

So, I followed the advice and was soon rewarded with the tug that has been deemed ‘the drug’.

I set the hook a bit too vigorously and in one second, a trout the size of the one pictured flew thirty feet back to me and 30 feet upstream in a flash.

He came unbuttoned and I tried to put myself in the little guy’s shoes.

I imagined him saying ‘who needs Elitch’s when these crazy fishermen are around?’

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