Men praying with rosaries in prayer group.


By Mike Hall, February 11, 2020

Pastor Doug related this story on Sunday.

A missionary was in Africa serving the poorest of the poor.

He was running low on medical and other supplies and embarked on a two day trip to the nearest village on a rickety bicycle.

When he arrived, he witnessed two teenagers fighting and stepped in to break up the fight.

After tending to one of the boys who was pretty badly injured, he purchased the supplies and left for the long trip back.

A month later, he returned for more supplies and ran into the same young man he had helped. The now recovered youth told him this story. ‘When you left last time some friends and I followed you into the jungle. We were going to rob and kill you when you stopped to rest. We were about to attack when we saw that you were being guarded by 26 soldiers. There was no way we were going to be successful so we sneaked away into the night.’

The missionary called home later that week to speak to his pastor in the United States. He told him the story and they were able to pin down the exact date it occurred. The pastor had a story of his own to tell.

He was putting his golf clubs into his trunk to go play a round of golf on the same day. He distinctly heard a voice encouraging him to pray for the missionary. The pastor quickly started a phone tree to enlist other men of the church to come and pray with him. A missed tee time seemed inconsequential that day.

The missionary thanked him and asked how many men had been in the prayer group.

The pastor thought for a minute and replied…. ‘26’.


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