Parental education

By Mike Hall, February 21, 2021

A very young tennis pro taught a junior group today with three four year olds.

The twins arrived five minutes early with their dad as I was setting up targets and the junior net.

This is when I learned that assumptions are dangerous.

How naive of me to think the dad would wait until the class officially started with the lesson plan I’d developed.

‘Hey, girls, let’s hit some balls.’

On the second swing in close quarters, one twin swung and clubbed the other in the head and it was instant tears.

My response was immediate and hopefully the point was well received…’and that is why parents should not try to insert themselves into junior lessons.’

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  1. Star says:

    Oh my gosh! Just wait until they start coaching over your coaching 🤪 COVID was the best thing to happen to kids sports 😂

  2. Kenny Orive says:

    Oh my goodness those girls are too much!! Definitely will need a parent day 🙂

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