New horizons

By Mike Hall, May 11, 2020

Promise me that you’ll remain open to new possibilities

and the potential wrapped inside the gift of change

Convince me that you will continue searching with

a heart of hope when one door closes and you feel lost

Promise me that you’ll see with fresh eyes shining

and stride confidently down new paths that call to your soul

Assure me that you won’t look back…that the falling and the

failing will embolden you to press forward toward your dreams

Promise me that you’ll revel in the challenge of reinventing a life

full of new horizons that stir the fire within

Commit fully to yourself and all that lies ahead

Throw caution to the wind and write a story that needs to be told

Then…when you’re older, you can begin again…

a new chapter…a different song, words to remind you that ‘I Got This’

**. Dedicated to Ms. Finnerty McCoy

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