Never alone

By Mike Hall, March 27, 2020

There were five couples practicing social distancing as they spoke from the edge of their driveways.

They had determined that their cul de sac had 13 children ten years or younger. What was in question was who had written the statement above on the sidewalk.

Not one child spoke up and the parents were flummoxed.

As they were about to return to their homes, someone said…’maybe we should ask Leonard.’

Len is the 83 year old father of Mary Anne Goulsby who has lived with the family after his stroke earlier this year.

‘Maybe he saw who did it as he often likes to sit on the front porch after dark.’

When asked, this is what Len described.

‘I was sitting by myself when a sound like a cross between a freight train and a tornado ‘bout knocked me from my chair. Next thing I knew, there were three figures at the curb wearing robes as bright as the sun.

They were only there for a minute but I was so shocked it might have been longer.

The smallest one knelt down and the others folded their hands as if praying.

She began to trace very slowly the letters you saw today. Funny thing is, she didn’t have chalk like the kids use. Her finger never even touched the pavement. It was as if her finger was a sparkler like we light on the 4th. of July.

When she was finished, the girl and her friends, accompanied by the same sound as before, bolted skyward like an F15 on a secret mission.

It took me several minutes to compose myself…to try to make sense of this and to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I went to the garage and got a flashlight to see what the angel had written.

I came to the conclusion that the three angels were sent from God.

He sees and feels the pain the world is suffering now and He wants us to know that He loves everyone deeply…that His other angels are working beside the dedicated scientists to find a vaccine.

’You Are Very Loved.’


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