Gracefull Cafe

By Mike Hall, November 19, 2019

Sally and a very young cowboy took advantage of an offer from Ascent Flyfishing owners Peter and Jess Stitcher.

They said there’s a really neat cafe in Littleton called The GraceFull Cafe and they had a volunteer day.

We volunteered and were so impressed by the owners, their team, the concept…and oh yes, the food.

Troy and Heather are big time into community and making it better each day.

Their mission is to provide a home in the Littleton community where people of all backgrounds can gather, eat well, and be inspired to give back. And give back they do with donations to charity of more than $14,000.

How cool is it that a person in need can walk in any day of the week and get a free meal with no questions asked?

They are located at 5610 S. Curtice St. just off Main Street in downtown Littleton.

And, if you have any fly fishing needs, check out Ascent Fly Fishing online…excellent quality gear, great prices on flies, and tips from Peter who can steer you to waters to make your efforts worthwhile.

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