Easy prey

By Mike Hall, October 30, 2019

Life lessons lie around every corner.

Just the other night, a very young cowboy learned that you should arm yourself if reports of roaming raccoons have appeared in the neighborhood newsletter.

Whilst attempting to replace the cover on the grill after dark…two of these angry, marauding, raccoons decided I was easy prey.

You should have seen the look on the emergency care nurse when I unwrapped the towel from my lacerated head.

So yes, I believe in conceal and carry with my new 45 caliber pistol.

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  1. Jeannie Goodman says:

    Mike – are you serious??? Good grief! We have raccoons in our yard and on the fence that Roxie chases. I’m always worried the old girl will catch one. This is terrible!! Jeannie

  2. Tricia Banks says:

    Please tell me that’s not really YOU!! Tricia

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