An unsettling encounter

By Mike Hall, September 8, 2019

On my visit to the fitness club on Friday, emergency vehicles with lights flashing were parked near the entrance.

It seems Bernie Schlagel and Helen Rabinowitz fainted simultaneously in the strength area and were being checked for concussions.

Probing a bit more, I learned that they were both near a man doing a set on the lateral rise machine. Witnesses said the odor every time he raised his arms was beyond description. I asked the club manager if I might be able to subtly help address the situation with BO man.

He felt my idea had merit and agreed to take the box of DUDE WIPES I purchased and put them in the fella’s locker in hopes he would get the hint and use them prior to working out.

Stay tuned.


**  Bernie and Helen tested negative for concussions but regrettably quit the club and took up cycling.



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