Window of Tolerance

By Mike Hall, October 19, 2015

A horse is beset by hundreds of flies on a summer afternoon in the pasture.  As best he can, he swishes his tail lazily at one after another to shoo them away.  These little annoyances (trifles) don’t ignite an agitated response from the mare because he knows that this is just part of the game.

He has, over time, developed a window of tolerance where it’s really nothing to worry about.

After a while, a companion horse saunters over and they team up to swish tails to rid their friend of the pesky critters.

The moral:   Friends are crucial for helping us develop that window of tolerance where we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

They help us look beyond the daily trifles and gently steer us to be better and not bitter.  Friends are like the gifted comedian that makes us laugh our trifles away.

If needed, Google —— The Honeymooners –The Hucklebuck  .        Lucy and The Chocolate Factory

The Song of The South.          and Cockatoo Loves Elvis.

** each of the above just might make your day.




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