The Butterfly and the Gazelle

By Mike Hall, October 2, 2015

The days of our lives pass so quickly
Like the snow melt that cascades
Down a mountainside en route to
The Colorado River

Our days can become a blur at times
We’re caught up in rushing
here and there
and hardly noticing
the smile of a stranger
or the need in the eyes of a friend

Busy as a bee….we collapse at the
end of the day and wonder
Was it really worth all the fuss
this crazy world that tugs at us
until we’ve lost our way

Don’t we admire those who go
from day to day
with the ease of a butterfly….
or the grace of a gazelle
Perhaps they found the puzzle piece
that we’re still searching for….
Content with life’s abundance
While we still ache for more

What if doing less could make the
days of our lives move slowly
like a ship at rest in a quiet harbor

Maybe then we’d realize it’s all a game
to see who can tune into their soul
as the world tries to spin
us out of control.


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One Comment

  1. Tricia says:

    Definitely created a moment to pause and think about how busy we are doing nothing and not stopping to enjoy what’s in front of us.

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