Reality check

By Mike Hall, November 28, 2022

A very young cowboy had an idea.

Having a long time interest in how the brain works, I scheduled a sophisticated brain wave test with The University of Colorado Medical School.

The plan…run a test while I listened to an hour of reflective, spiritual music.

Follow that with an hour while I watched a politically oriented news propaganda tv show.

The director called to cancel the test a week before the start date.

I asked her what her gut told her about the potential results of such a test.

Her comment sticks with me to this day….‘ one test would undoubtedly reveal a brain similar to people canoeing on a beautiful, high mountain lake.  The other, would be like being dropped off in downtown Washington D.C. for a weekend. You’re excited as you’ve read that the swamp has diminished only to find that the city ranks 4th. in the country for rat populations.’

I’ll let you figure it out and I don’t think any costly test would be needed to feel the truth.’

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