One great mom

By Mike Hall, August 8, 2019

We were in line last night at Sweet Tomatoes near The Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree.

Suddenly, there was a crash near the cash register as a seven year old’s plate hit the floor. I watched to see how the expectant mother would react.

She passed with flying colors.

There was no anger and no belittling look. As the mother took it in stride, I wondered if the little girl realized how fortunate she is to have such a loving and emotionally supportive parent.

In less than a minute, a staff member had cleaned everything up and all was good. Later, the mom and daughter were walking hand in hand to get some dessert and the sight reaffirmed that there are some parents who get it.  They understand that flying off the handle would have put a dent in the child’s psyche and spirit…that ‘stuff happens’ and love is stronger than stuff.

**   My wife and I also noted the boy following them…no salad for him…just 20 miniature tomatoes for his dinner.

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