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By Mike Hall, January 3, 2016

Well….a new year is here and another birthday too.

Sixty-nine and all is well.

The cup is full to overflowing still with barely a thought about the normal maladies that come with the territory. A very happy young cowboy puts on a favorite hat and watches yet another sunset. With eyes closed and a deep breath, he thanks God for the great ride so far.

Who knows what the future holds….who really cares as long as there’s this one delicious minute to enjoy.

May this be a year of staying tuned in to the present and letting go of the past.

Each morning starts with the writing of three pages of streaming thought. It’s remarkable how gratitude weaves its way onto those pages….how it is the central theme each and every morning. So many blessings to be thankful for….I mean c’mon, any one of us could just have easily been born as a mosquito….beetle….giraffe.

BTW,did ya know that an adult giraffe’s neck weighs six hundred pounds? When tempted to think we carry an albatross around our neck, why not choose instead to be grateful that it is not a 600 pound monstrosity?

May there be many more of these glorious sunsets before this cowboy rides off into that final one.

Ahhhh….so many amazing sights….so many chances to take one more deep breath with eyes closed.

Could it be that there is one of you who isn’t struck by the majesty of these evening light shows….one of you who goes through a single day neglecting a moment of eyes closed….a deep breath….and an overwhelming sense of gratitude?

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  1. Natasha says:

    Happy Birthday CB! I think there was a typo, 66?!! Surely you meant 26 😉

    Here’s to 20 more good years!!

  2. Katie says:

    Happy Birthday Mike! Your gratitude is inspiring !??

  3. Lorraine says:

    Happy New Year and Happy Birthday!! Here’s to your best year yet with many, many more to come. Your blog is so inspiring and certainly has become one of my favorite things to do – – read all the Monday morning postings. Thank you and keep them coming.

  4. Frances says:

    Belated Birthday greetings! Keep up the inspirational work that you do because it’s appreciated. May we always greet each day with gratitude. 😉

  5. Jerry Banks says:

    Happy Birthday Mike, keep the inspiration coming.

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