Life saver

By Mike Hall, October 15, 2020

With flows down to a trickle, Deckers fishing is extremely challenging these days.

You pretty much have to be content with being in beautiful surroundings with a chance to see some wildlife.

The river has shriveled to where you can see every rock and former holding spot for browns and rainbows.

Today, a very young cowboy approached a favorite hole and spotted a three and a half inch trout stranded in a small depression in the sand. Quickly realizing that CPR was out of the question, I scooped the barely breathing little guy into my hands and put him in the water.

To my delight, he swam away in a few seconds and I had to smile.

It’s not always about the number of fish you catch.

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  1. Jean Anderson says:

    Don’t you wonder sometimes how you are at a certain place at a certain time?

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