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By Mike Hall, September 28, 2022

Randy and a very young cowboy had lunch with Coach Bob today and what a treat it was…made extra special by our terrific waitress named Dee.

Coach has so many great memories from his basketball and baseball coaching career at Arvada West High School.

He told us that a doctor had recommended he undergo a procedure called an endoscopy to assess some pain he was having. It requires the patient to be under anesthesia. On the morning of the endoscopy, two  of his physicians visited the prep room and asked coach his wishes in case they were unable to rouse him from anesthesia. Coach was noncommittal with both gentlemen.

The anesthesiologist then visited, explained the procedure, and again asked his wishes if they were unable to bring him out of the drug induced state. Coach mentioned that this young lady was Miss Colorado beautiful.

After being asked again his wishes, he looked her squarely in the eye and said…’if I’m unresponsive after the procedure, I authorize you to administer vigorous and prolonged mouth to mouth resuscitation until I respond.’

Coach always has had a way with beautiful women.

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One Comment

  1. r. kreft says:

    Awesome! Coach does have some great stories.

    If I shot a 71, it would be the last round I ever played!!

    Have a GREAT day guys

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