By Mike Hall, August 23, 2020

We didn’t know what to expect when Joey came to stay with us for six days. He’s leaving later this afternoon and he taught us a few things.

You see, Joey is 13 years old and cannot see or hear. He’s also diabetic.

Watching him try to navigate his way around the house was instructive.

He showed us that:

Life is not an easy walk in the park…there are obstacles that come before each of us every day.

Perhaps continually bumping into the wall teaches perseverance and the will to find your way when the maze of life is baffling.

You may be compromised in some way but a good massage can, for an hour, make you forget your troubles.

When things start to get the best of you, let those you love know about it. Maybe they have another perspective that can encourage you to see the challenges as just a spot of bother.

Thanks Joey…hope you enjoyed your daily massages.

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