By Mike Hall, October 5, 2020

What if each day upon waking, you’d lay back in your favorite recliner for five minutes?

And what if, before the hecticity of the day began to snap at your heels, you would close your eyes…and acknowledge that there could be turbulence ahead? That there might be bumps in your road that require special skills of navigation?

What if you committed up front each day to meet the stormy seas of your day with an ‘I Got This’ state of mind?

Maybe, in the last minute in that recliner, you would imagine yourself floating, without a care, down the lazy river at the local water park.

Then perhaps, there’d be no turbulence you could not handle…convinced from the start that You Got This and that all is well.

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  1. JAMES NYDAM says:


  2. Maureen Kechriotis says:

    All is well.
    I Got This 🙂

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