Grandpa’s chair

By Mike Hall, February 8, 2021

What if you began, as a child, to record your thoughts about gratitude…about each and every thing you were thankful for?

And what if there was a favorite place in the forest you could go to where in picking special flowers you’d be reminded that you too are special and chosen to shine?

What if, just by sitting in grandpa’s favorite chair, you felt forever connected to him and his ever present love and acceptance?

What if the first taste of cookies and cream ice cream filled you with wonder that, despite the challenges, this day will be ok?

What if the light in your children’s eyes could restore the same in yours when it’s been one of those days?

And what if the wagging tail that says, “you mean the world to me,” awakens an inexhaustible JOY and thanksgiving?

Maybe you didn’t start out as a child recording these thoughts about the blessings often taken for granted…perhaps you’ve bottled them up inside.

What if you tried, for just one day, to sit in grandpa’s chair, and let the pen flow about all that you’re grateful for?

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  1. Wendy W Oakes says:

    If we all did this, the world would be a far different place. Being aware of our blessings which, by the way, are all around us, and if we’d write them down and give thanks with grateful hearts, we’d all experience joy and joy is contagious, so think how many people would be affected. Wow, I’m off to find my pen and paper…….

  2. sami diab says:

    Very well said. Gratitude, kindness, mindfulness, and playing tennis are the ingredients for happiness!

  3. sami diab says:

    Gratitude, kindness, helping others, mindfulness, and playing tennis are the ingredients for mindfulness:)

  4. Cheryl spicer says:

    My twisted willow tree was there for me. I was hiding under those beautiful flowing branches transformed to another word. Where dads didn’t hit their wives. Children didn’t have to wipe their mothers blood off the walls. 7 years of age was a difficult age to have to pick up the shattered prices of our home. Especially my pretty things now broken by that evil monster I can’t call him dad. Yet strangely today my heart if full of gratitude for all of those lessons.my twisted will tree was always best after strong rain. It stood strong and tall grateful for the drenching.

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