By Mike Hall, April 20, 2020

You are my North Star…

the anchor I cling to when

the clouds darken

and the seas roll

You are my oasis…

the quiet place I thirst for

when the desert surrounds me

and hope is fading

You are my lifeline…

the connection I cherish

when friends are few

and I feel alone

You speak to me

in favorite songs

and notes from friends

who try to salvage my spirit

You are my deepest breath

the grace filled pause

that keeps me upright

in this topsy  turvy world

You remind me of the folly

of storming through each day

not recognizing Your presence

in the quest for contentment

Yes, You are my One and Only North Star

never so high in the heavens

that You lose sight of this poor traveler

so dependent on Your guiding light and saving love

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  1. Tricia says:

    Beautiful! Very touching.

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