Better breathing

By Mike Hall, December 29, 2022

A very young cowboy is reading a terrific book entitled Breath by James Nestor.

I’ve known for a long time that I snore, have sleep apnea, and that both are not conducive to optimum living.

This book posits that the world is chock full of mouth breathers and that deep, slow, nasal breathing is far more beneficial/healthy.

”The more deeply and softer we breathe in and the longer we exhale, the more slowly the heart beats and the calmer we become. Breathing slow, less, and through the nose balances the levels of respiratory gases in the body and sends the maximum amount of oxygen to the maximum amount of tissues so that our cells have the maximum amount of electron activity. The moving energy of electrons allows living things to stay alive and healthy for as long as possible.”

Update coming in six weeks if snoring is eliminated.

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  1. Diana Guardian says:

    Love this! I’m a nose breather!

  2. Bobbin says:

    I’m glad you read the book, so interesting. I try to remember to breathe thru my nose. The cpap kind of forces you to nose breathe.
    Good luck – apnea is no joke.

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