All of Us

By Mike Hall, November 17, 2015

It has been our great fortune to know and love you.

We are daughters and sons and the ones who call you friend.

All of us touched through the years by your love and kindness.

We live close to home and thousands of miles away…..so different and yet so much the same…..All of us joined at the heart with love and admiration for you, Emil.

The years have passed so quickly….like a train in the night. We close our eyes and see you dancing up a storm at your seventieth birthday bash.  

The ladies, young and old, so thrilled to share a dance with you. We picture you at eighty-five…so alive and savoring the drive that soared down the middle of the seventh fairway at Gleneagles.

How is it….we wonder….that you could keep up with those in their fifties who comprised your group that day?

Surely, all of us have our own treasured memories of you, Emil. They are so easy to recall…..so easy because of the love and affection you shared with all of us.

The walk to the nineteenth hole beckons.

There are traps and trials along the way for everyone. The less fortunate make the walk alone…but you, Emil, are accompanied with every step.  We,like Arnie’s Army, cheer as you stride along this final fairway.

You have fought the brave fight and lived the good life.

You leave a legacy of love and light that shines so bright! There can never be another you….no one who will ever fill your shoes or touch our hearts the way that you have.

With confidence, we say that we will meet again. For now, please know that we cherished every minute with you. We hope you know how grateful we are…..thankful that we,
all of us, could share this life with you.

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  1. Sally says:

    So beautiful and so true. Emil is my father and a one of a kind person. He touched everyone he met and did leave a lasting legacy. Love you Dad.

  2. r. kreft says:

    Beautifully written!! Give Sally a hug for me

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