By Mike Hall, January 14, 2021

A little morsel for you spawned whilst driving to the river Monday.

Our minds are like radio channels or frequencies. We control the channels that stream to us. There are some frequencies that are static free and play the most beautiful songs 24/7. They put us in this peaceful place where no worries intrude.

There are others as we scroll through the channels that are riddled by static … where harmony is definitely not to be found.

Thankfully, we can choose what frequencies we tune into each day….lyrics and melodies that lift our spirits and make us want to sing along or ones where we grit our teeth and furrow the brow as the drama takes over.

What’s pretty cool is that we, with practice and intention, can awake each day with a preset favorite channel that we plug into where chaos and confusion are kept at bay.

Oh Yeah!

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One Comment

  1. Cheryl spicer says:

    I really get it about tuning in. Our mind can be heaven or hell. Thankfully we have choice

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